Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having an enjoyable holiday season.

You may have noticed that our Web site is currently undergoing a face lift. We still have News as well as some of our division rules on the temporary site. Generally, we will apply the same rules at Tri City, except for any Claim rule and Tires, as we run Hoosiers. Click the link HERE to visit the site.

We are also carefully putting together our schedule for the 2017 season. We recently made the announcement that the All Star Circuit of Champion, Tony Stewart owned winged sprint cars, will make their first ever trip to Merritt Speedway next season. As we put together our schedule, we want a bit of input. The All Stars will be with us on Saturday, July 1. We are in talks of hosting the American Ethanol Late Models on Sunday, July 2nd and 3rd, with the previously announced $10,000-to-win UMP Modified special on Monday, July 3. One week will separate that huge weekend, from our big annual Wood Tic, which will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday July 13 to 15. The Hell Tour will again make their return on Thursday, July 13, just like they did last year to kick off the Wood Tic weekend. The question for drivers and fan alike… Is that too much racing in a short period? Please private message the Merritt page to let us know your thoughts. I need the support of racers and race fans both to put on the big specials like we have in the past, and continue to build upon.

You may have seen that there is a new touring Modified group that has been formed by the fine folks at American Ethanol. This is the same folks from the American Ethanol Late Model Tour, who have raised the game in short track sanctioning. If the new Modified tour is anything like the Late Model group, we are all in for a treat. We’d like to also recognize Allstar Performance, for stepping up in partnership with this new series, and continuing to give back to the racing community. Sadly, the Michigan Dirt Cup Modified Tour, I was told is closing its doors after years of successful operation. After learning about that a couple weeks ago, we moved to hosting and supporting the new American Ethanol Modified Tour and scheduled having them be our sanctioning body for two big events in 2017.

We have now learned that Barry Marlow, owner of the Great Lakes Super Sprints, has purchased the assets of Michigan Dirt Cup. I spoke to Barry and he does not currently intend on operating a Modified series, but rather use transponders and naming rights. You never know what the future may hold on that front and wish them nothing but the best.

I spoke with Jennifer Johnson-Kiel, and her recovery is going slowly but surely. She can do some walking and driving, but is still in quite a bit of pain. She is going through physical therapy to regain full motion in her hip, and we all know how painful that can be. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season.

Doreen Baldwin as I mentioned in my last thoughts has a problem with her knee, due to the crash. She is scheduled to visit a doctor in January, and I ask that you keep her in your thoughts as well. JT Anderson and his wife seem to be doing okay, and I know that everyone will have a weight lifted off them when we know that everyone is doing better.

I hope each and every one of you have a nice Christmas and stay tuned for continued updates on what 2017 has in store for Merritt Speedway.

Mike B