Howdy everyone!

Good to see the snow about wrapped up here in Michigan, at least hopefully. Tomorrow I will be meeting with a grandstand assembly crew to review the upcoming project and prepare for what will be a busy spring. The bleachers and Musco lights will be set to go in soon and it should really change the look and feel of Merritt Speedway in 2017!

This coming Saturday, March 11, we are holding the annual driver registration party. Once again, The Pines Sports Bar will be host to this event, where we will have printed rules, driver registration forms, pit stall sheets, etc. Like past years, we will have raffle prizes available as well! **Drivers: If you had a reserved pit stall in 2016 and you are NOT intending to renew and race with us this year, could you please let us know. 616-669-7178. All pit stalls are held for renewal until April 15th, and therefore 90% are locked up until that time. Transfer or change requests will only be taken on or after the renewal deadline is reached and a stall is freed up. Renewal forms for the same stall, and vacant stall rentals will be the only thing taken Saturday. Drivers are also encouraged to turn in division registration and W9 forms as well. All rule related questions should be directed to Josh Harrington at 989-745-2648 or in person at the event.

Last weekend, I was in Daytona for Speedweeks and after the wreck fest which was the Xfinity Series race at the big track on Saturday, I left early. Rusty Wallace invited me to join him at New Smyrna Speedway, to watch his son drive their #66 asphalt car in the 100-lap feature. It was nice to visit again with Rusty and we watched the event in completion. It was a mediocre maybe half-full grandstand for their big finale to close out Speedweeks. When leaving New Smyrna, I checked Race Monitor to see where in the race program Volusia was. The last chance races had just been completed, with the features next and only 20-minutes separating me from there. So, off I went to the dirt track. When I arrived, I was blown away. Not only was it full, the standing room was even occupied! What a difference it was, in most every aspect, from car count, to atmosphere, grandstand fan attendance and so much more, between asphalt and dirt. Needless to say, it made me very proud to be the owner of a dirt track. Couple that with such an outstanding fan and driver base, we are truly blessed at Merritt Speedway and the state of Michigan. UMP does a great job with what they do and DIRT IS KING.

If you or someone you know is looking for weekend summer time employment, please send us a Message on Facebook. We are filling both fan and race program related positions for the 2017 season.

Looking forward to seeing most of you on Saturday! Until then…

Mike B