Happy April everybody! Hope your spring break was safe and enjoyable if you took a trip with the family someplace. The sun is starting to show itself more and more, and shorts have started to work their way out from the bottom of the drawers. That can only mean one thing… racing is here!

Bleacher construction is well underway and coming along nicely. That is going to change things so much in a positive way for better spectator sight lines and overall experience. Once the track dries enough, we will be able to drive the cranes over it to the infield where the old light poles and fixtures will come out, and the new LED Musco sports lighting will be installed. As we did the first two years, there will be other additional improvements to the property here and there too. The new pit pass sales booth will be constructed, fresh paint applied, new sponsor banners hung, and before you know it we will have cars on the speedway!

Other tracks have been opening for some practice and there has been great car counts at those which is always exciting to see. We are pumped up about our race season schedule this year and it really should be a special year.

As we announced on Saturday, Leo “Chief” Pego has decided to leave his role as Merritt Speedways track announcer. We are very saddened to see him depart and know how much our loyal Merritt family enjoyed his work each week. We want to invite everyone to be open to whomever the new announcer will be as change does not always have to be a bad thing. Like anything in life, things change and new people step up to learn and grow into a role and we want to give them a fair shake at the now open opportunity. I want to personally wish Chief the absolute very best in his future endeavors and look forward to having him around the track again when his schedule allows.

Later this week we will be releasing details on our new championship points format! If you missed the news at our Meet & Greet, the points will shakedown to a final night battle for all of our divisions and will provide a ton of added excitement for our fans, drivers, and everyone involved. Lastly, if you have a picture of your race ready car, send it to us on our Merritt Facebook page and we would be happy to share it!

Until next time,

Mike Blackmer